Saturday, 3 March 2012

Things I have been doing.

Hello again dear blog. I have neglected blogging recently because of trying to manage alot of other things...making my website look nicer being one of them! Any how lots has happened since my last post, I have made a new series of prints called 'french fancy' and also spent much time and effort (and alot of cursing and blinding) printing these so I could make them into purses. I also was at the Reet Sweet Valentines fair at the corn exhange in Feb, where I tried to sell these new additions! The fair was good fun, and our stall looked amazeballs in comparison to our first one. So, here are some piccies about it all that I should have put up a while ago! The top two pics feature work by Punto Belle, who does lovely light drawings and textured framed work that is all free machined. Find her work here.
My purses and new prints are available from my folksy store: hello, freckles

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