Wednesday, 16 March 2011

blumin great illustration

phew I seem to be on a roll here! These images are also what I have used for inspiration for my final project, i love the detail of them. They are by Sandra Dieckmann, Julia Potts and Gabriella Barouch. Lovely.

chillin' lemurs.

here is one of the drawings from my project. they're lemurs. with ice-creams....that's about it haha

'Anthropomorphism' ( other words, animals with human traits)

yet again its been a while and i must apologise! I have been chugging along with my final major project of uni (last one arrgh!) and it is basically dressing animals up with whatever clothes/things i find amusing. Here are some images i have collected for research. The bottom too are beautiful drawings by jen franklin, and the top one i just love (because how cant you love a beaver wearing converse) and is by david schwen.