Monday, 26 December 2011

Ugg Australia - design for a cause

Gooday mate!

I was invited to enter a competition held by Talenthouse which is to create a new design for an Ugg boot. Its quite exciting to have a go at designing for such a big brand! I wanted my design to have to be quite a similar colour to the light brown uggs we see everywhere, as I am a fan of that colour on boots. But of course it had to be a little bit quirky so I put little birdies all over them. Here's some pics.....

The winner of the competition gets their design put into production which is very cool, and as well as that, the public can also vote for their favourite, and this Ugg will be recognised as the public's choice. So if anyone likes my design, give it a vote! Voting starts on the 27th Dec - 5th Jan. You can vote for my ugg here (if you like it and want to make me happy) :

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Stocking up!

Another last minute craft stall this Saturday in Headingley, as a result I am churning things out faster than ever! Here's some notebooks that I shall be selling, amongst a variety of other things such as christmas cards, prints and canvas bags. woop woop!